Fide Auditor Services

Get your audited financial statement and improved internal control only

at Fide Consultant Group.

Need to improve your internal control over business processes below?

  1. Inaccurate or incomplete sales data

  2. Maintaining too much or too little inventory

  3. Inaccurate filing of orders

  4. Inaccurate billing of customers

  5. Errors or fraud in processing and depositing cash receipt

  6. Ordering unneeded goods

  7. Receiving goods that were not ordered or damaged

  8. Payment for goods not received or twice

  9. Unauthorized cash payments

  10. Loss or theft of assets

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What makes Fide Consultant Group your preferred and trusted partners?

  • We always respect, protect, and regard your information as personal and private.

  • We go beyond your expectation by going to extra miles to insure that you receive the highest quality of services.

  • We have highly reputable team and sophisticated system to deliver to you the highest quality of work within a timely completion.