3. Product Strategy

Describe the product strategy based on the most current company and product vision and roadmap. If the company does not have a separate document describing the product strategy, this section of the MRD can fill that purpose.

Note: When and if the company produces a more detailed product strategy document, this section may be omitted.

Product Strategy & Direction

Describe the product strategy for the expected product releases over the next 24 months. Provide rationalization for the multiple releases and explain the relationship each expected release has to each other.

Product Line Positioning Statement

Provide a positioning statement--a single sentence or short paragraph that summarizes the positioning strategy for a product line. Its use is for internal purposes only (this is not a tagline or a message to be used verbatim with customers and prospects). The positioning statement is a tool used to align the product team with a commonly understood and accepted umbrella positioning strategy for the product line.

Note: This Positioning Statement for the product line should not change from release to release. It should be broad enough to describe the consistent value that will be delivered to the customer throughout the span of this MRD.

High-Level Pricing and Licensing Strategy

Summarize the pricing and licensing strategy for the product family.